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We Deliver Premium Roof Repairs and Replacement

At Britt & Britt Roofing, we strive to offer comprehensive services to our customers. Since 1994, our team has provided outstanding commercial roof repairs to Lumberton, NC business owners – in addition to wholesale replacement services. Our team understands how to work effectively and quickly – to ensure the best possible results for our clients. Our company prides itself on delivering premium customer service and roof repairs and replacements. We have a long line of satisfied customers who can attest to our effectiveness.

Man doing roofing work using nail gun

We Can Repair Virtually Any Kind of Commercial Roof

Versatility and experience are our two greatest assets. Over the years, we have developed strategies and accumulated knowledge that enables us to provide repairs and replacements to virtually any kind of commercial roofing system. It doesn’t matter what kind of roof your building has; the experts at Britt & Britt Roofing are fully capable of repairing or replacing it. For instance, our team can repair broken metal pieces on a metal roof. If a storm has damaged your flat roof, we can formulate a plan and implement a solution. Asphalt shingles are no match for our experienced team.

Replacement Roofs of All Kinds

At Britt & Britt Roofing, we understand that nobody wants to invest in a new roof. But sometimes, weather conditions and time have their say. After all, some roofing types have an expiration date. And severe weather can damage a roof beyond the point where our team can repair it. In these situations, we will help you find the most affordable solution to the problem. One thing we can promise: We will never recommend a replacement roof when a repair will solve the problem.

We Pride Ourselves on Honesty and Premium Customer Service

No matter what option you choose, you can count on a premium level of customer service and professionalism from our team. But more importantly, you can rely on us to be honest and friendly. Our goal is to develop relationships with our customers and build trust. We deliver on our promises, one reason we have so many repeat clients who trust us for all of their roofing repairs and replacement needs.

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