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Roof Maintenance in Lumberton, NC

Britt & Britt Roofing has delivered outstanding and comprehensive roof maintenance to Lumberton, NC and the surrounding areas since 1992. We have collected a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years. We are proud to carry on our legacy for premier roof maintenance. What is roof maintenance, and how does it differ from repairs? It’s simple: Roof maintenance is how we pre-emptively catch potential trouble areas before they require repairs – or worse – a full-scale replacement. We highly recommend contacting our experts for an annual roof inspection and maintenance appointment, as doing so will preserve your residential or commercial roof.


What We Do on a Maintenance Call

So, what will Britt & Britt Roofing do on a maintenance checkup. The simplest answer is everything. Our team members will arrive at your property ready to check every nook and cranny of your roof. We will do some or all of the following:

Check Pipe Boots for Wear and Tear

Cracked pipe boots are a common culprit behind roof leaks, so it is essential to check for this issue. This problem is most likely to occur during the winter, as the colder weather causes the gasket to crack.

Remove Debris

Sticks and leaves on your roof, in the valleys, and the gutters are also common reasons behind roof failure and leaks. While we are on the roof, we will clear these obstructions to ensure the roofing system functions properly.

Inspect Ventilation Systems

We want to make sure the fans and turbines are working correctly. If they are not extracting condensation from your attic, you could have a big problem. This is one of the most important tasks we perform.

Ensure There Are No Loose Shingles

Whether you have a metal roof, flat roof, or asphalt shingles, we want to make sure everything is snug and secure. If we see a crack or loose shingle, that is something we can repair on the spot.

Maintaining Your Roof Is Fundamentally Important

While the above four tasks on our checklist are essential, maintenance checks are more exhaustive than that. We also recommend a chimney sweep – if you have one – and more. Roof maintenance is important, so we do not recommend skipping this important step of property ownership. Whether you are a residential homeowner or you own a commercial location, maintaining your roof is a crucial element.

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